Monday, August 31, 2009

Rejoice in it

Climb the stairs to the highest window!
Throw it open and tie it's sash around your waist
as your jubilee is made complete and shared
with the universe and the earth it is in!

On the grass below a teacup fills with tears from the stars above
And the moon hums the tune you wove into each story
A theme of Darjeeling, dark and sweet on your lips every morning
To remind you why the bitterness is good

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Question

And I am asked a question
With a mind of springtime
Everafter filled with calls of
The resonance of what could be
And echoes of what cannot
"Nevermind the wasteland,"
The gray starling says,
"Just answer the question."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Deep Innocence

A choice to make
A history to fake
Brow on shoulder
Fingertips on spine

This deep innocence
This exquisite embrace
Gravity pulls me down
(Humanity pulls me down)

And clouds fall from the sky
Caught in the wink of an eye
As we release the stars
That never manifested

We cross our lives together
Lose ourselves in the weather
The rain on the bridge
Has not yet met the creek

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Checkerboard

Leap into the dark squares
Of this checkerboard
Take the white queen's hand,
Climb the rook together, and
Shout to the black king's bishop
Gaze upon the hands of the clock striking noon
and whisper to the wind hiding in the canopy:
'Get on your way! The rain is coming!'

I still remember

I still remember
The patchwork universe
We made in my backyard
The tapestry we wove
In the sky at night
I still remember
What lies beneath
The dining room table
In the cupboard
In our castle
The dragons in the basement
The portal in the wall
The princess in the attic
And my motorcycle with
The pedals that were breaks

Of Cabinets and Kings

Hey folks, this is just a place for me to post my bad poetry, rather than keeping it all in my gmail account's drafts folder. I know... classy.

The name of this blog is a reference to one of my favorite authors, Lewis Carroll, and his poem The Walrus and the Carpenter, and incorporates an idea from one of my first poems, which I will be posting here first.

Anyhow, constructive criticism is always welcome. I don't break under criticism, as long as it's founded. Tell me how to fix it. I want to learn. :)

Also, Marita, I blame you for this. Look at what you've done!